The Newest 6 IN 1 Derma Roller With Ice Roller For Massage

6 IN 1 Ice Roller
Four Different Roller Heads+One Silicone Brush
12 Pins: 2.0mm Use For Deep Scar
300 Pins: 0.5mm Use Around Eye
720 Pins: 1.0mm Use On Face
Ice Roller: Use Before Or After Microneedling Treatment, Reduce Redness and pain

6 IN 1 Derma Ice Roller Kit Microneedling Therapy For Skin Care


- needles: 12/300/720/ needles+Ice Roller 

- needle material: stainless/titanium 

- Roller color :purple /black

- Handle color : White/Gray

- Handle/Roller Material : PC

- size: 12 Needles:2.0mm;300 needles: 0.5mm; 720 needles: 1.0mm; 

- High sealing sterilization packaging

- package: carton box

How to use:
1. Tighten or loosen the head by turning 
2. Soak the roller in Isopropyl alcohol for 5-8 minutes
3. Wash face thoroughly with brush 
4. Roll on the area where need treatment 
5. Use the derma stamp on topical skin 
6. Roll on the skin after freezing