6 IN 1 Derma Roller kit with Interchangeable Roller Head

Item No.: DRS 6 in 1
Newest Derma Roller Kit With Four Interchangeable Roller Head and One Silicone Brush
12 Pins: 2.0mm Deep Scar
300 Pins: 0.5mm Use On Eye
720 Pins: 1.0mm  Use On Face
1200 Pins: 1.5mm Use On Body
Description OEM/ODM

2017 The latest one micro needle 6 in 1 dermaroller kit

4 Interchangeable Roller Heads+ One Silicone Brush
12 Pins: 2.0mm Deep Scar
300 Pins: 0.5mm Use On Eye
720 Pins: 1.0mm  Use On Face 
1200 Pins: 1.5mm Use On Body


1. Works on the stimulation of new collagen fibers as well as other vital skin cells
2. It doesn't harm or damage the epidermis
3. After treatment for Stretch Marks, Acne Scars Wrinkles etc, the skin becomes thicker and tighter
Elasticity and bounce is restored and you a left with a healthy and youthful appearance
4. The Roller can be used to treat many skin related issues.
5. The one thing which most of them have in 
common, is a lack of collagen in the skin.
1. Anti Aging
2. Fine Lines and Wrinkles Reduction
3. Stretch Mark Removal
4. Scar Treatment
5. Acne Scar Removal

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