Artmex V9

Permanent make up also known as micropigmentation, is the method of implantation of micro pigments into the upper dermal layer of the skin. It is a cosmetic technique witch employs pigmentation of the dermis as a means of producing designs that resemble m
1. Ultra-quiet Design
Revolutionary physical design for a more comfortable work environment.
2. Adjustable speed and scale
Maximum 11 digital levels of speed
Wide range scale needle length 0~0.25mm
3. New hand-piece design equipped with high speed motor, quiet working environment and friendly operation: Swiss motor, Quick coloring, Integrated needle, Crafted luxury etc.
4. Super compatibility
Artmex V9 handpiece compatible with kinds of PMU and MTS needle cartridges
5. Pedal technology
Considering the working efficiency of the beautician, Artmex V9 adds humanized design, a Pedel (foot-switch), which can control the START/PAUSE during the procesure.
Connect the cable with USB port on machine!